First Visit

What can I expect on my first visit?

We ask that you arrive about 10 minutes prior to your massage to complete a client history form and relax. Your massage therapist will greet you and take you to a private room to discuss any health concerns that you may have and answer any questions about your treatment or specific areas of concern. Your therapist will then leave the room and you will disrobe to your level of comfort and lay under the linens on the massage table. Your therapist will knock on the door to ensure that you are ready prior to entering the room. Our comfortable massage tables are padded with a heating pad under the sheets. You may ask to have the level of heat adjusted, as well as the level of the lights and the volume of the music. Throughout the treatment your therapist will ask about the pressure of the massage and check on how you are doing. Your comfort is of utmost importance, and sharing your feedback during your treatment will enhance your experience.

Please download, print and fill in the Patient Information Form

Don’t forget to bring it with you to your first visit.

Download Patient Info Form